Sovereign Lady

Sovereign Yachts Ltd in Hobsonville contracted Marine Dynamics to lay the decks of their new 133ft motor vessel. “Sovereign Lady” is a multi levelled motor launch with approximately 160 sq.mtrs of teak decking. This was an exciting and challenging project in many ways.

Marine Dynamics was given the opportunity to design the deck from scratch with ‘many of our own personal touches’ included.

Marine Dynamics worked in with other subcontractors and Sovereign Yachts staff to really become part of the team. As the deck contract drew to an end Marine Dynamics was asked also to do the cap rails. These are large laminated teak rails, the bow sections alone are 9 metres long by 1 metre wide, with as many as 130 laminates to each piece.

Marine Dynamics worked to a timeframe to ensure the boat made launch date.